What Supplements Do You Take For MTHFR?

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In this post, I’m going to focus on a common question in the community…

What Supplements Do You Take For MTHFR?
What supplements for MTHFR


Mutation of the MTHFR gene requires making wiser choices regarding the foods you eat and the supplements you take.

To prevent nutritional deficiencies, dietary supplements pose as a viable solution. 

Since you can’t just buy random supplements, you see, as they may contain folic acid, it’s always good to opt for products specifically made to address your needs.

Choosing the right products can be time-consuming…

Even when you find some suitable products, it can be difficult to determine whether it’s effective or not…

That’s why I decided to write about what supplements to take for MTHFR. 

Scroll down to see what to consider using starting today.

Supplements for MTHFR

Let’s Look at What Supplements You Can Take For MTHFR Diet Support…


Thorne Research – Methyl-Guard

Methylation is the process of activating a molecule through the addition of a methyl group. 

This process is required for adequate function of metabolic pathways and efficient activity of enzymes.

Numerous biochemical reactions in the body rely on methylation, and regulation of gene expression is one of them. 

In people with MTHFR gene mutation, the presence of the MTHFR enzyme becomes deficient. 

The whole process of methylation suffers.

The lack of methylation in people with MTHFR gene mutation causes metabolic disorders and increases the risk of various health problems.

As a person with the MTHFR gene, you need to take supplements that support methylation. That’s where Methyl-Guard by Thorne Research could step in…

Methyl-Guard was specifically created to support methylation. 

In order to make it happen, the supplement delivers nutrients in their active, tissue-ready forms for optimal absorption.

For example, instead of folic acid, which is not beneficial for people with MTHFR gene mutation, Methyl-Guard contains a methylated form of folate. 

That way, you get this much-needed vitamin, but in the form, the body can absorb and use.

Besides folate, Methyl-Guard contains vitamin B6, vitamin B12, betaine anhydrous, all of which are necessary for optimal health.

It’s also useful to keep in mind that Methyl-Guard is free of additives and unnecessary fillers that are so common in supplements today.

Users report energy boost and improved overall health with regular use of Methyl-Guard.

Neurobiologix Methylation Complete

Neurobiologix Methylation Complete is, just like Methyl-Guard, a dietary supplement formulated to support methylation.

If you’re wondering “what supplements should I take for MTHFR,” you should take some time to consider ingredients and the mechanism of action. The goal is to opt for supplements that deliver just the right form of ingredients for optimal absorption so that the body can use them properly.

Methylation Complete uses a unique delivery system to support the production of glutathione and promote maximum delivery of vitamin B12, B6, and 5-MTHF to the brain and the immune system.

The supplement comes in the firm of fast-dissolving tablets that allow for quick release into the bloodstream. Since they’re dissolved quickly, it’s easier for the body to absorb all the nutrients Methylation Complete delivers.

Regular intake of Methylation Complete could induce a plethora of favorable health effects. These include:

  • Improved and stabilized mood
  • Increased organizational skills
  • Sharper memory
  • Better sleep
  • Stronger immune system

Unlike many other dietary supplements on the market, which have an awful taste, Methylation Complete is pleasant-tasting with natural fruit punch flavor.

NOW Supplements Methyl Folate

Probably one of the most important supplements to take for MTHFR mutation is folate. The reason is simple: most people don’t get enough of this vitamin through diet.

Although it’s present in many fruits and vegetables, so even vegans and vegetarians can obtain it from the diet, it can be difficult to consume the recommended daily amount. Plus, it also matters whether the produce is organic or how ripe it is. All these things play a role in their nutritional content.

For that reason, some people find it easier to get a dietary supplement that delivers specific nutrients or more of them.

Folate is crucial for people with MTHFR mutation. But in many supplements, it’s present in the form of folic acid. Not recommended for someone who’s carrying a mutated MTHFR gene.

A viable option for people with MTHFR mutation is to opt for methylfolate i.e., biologically active, the naturally-occurring form of folate.

Methyl Folate by NOW Supplements is one of the most popular products of this kind on the market, and it’s all due to its simplicity.

Users report Methyl Folate increases their energy levels, and it’s fantastic for brain function. Some customers also loved the fact these pills are small and easy to swallow.

Designs for Health Homocysteine Supreme

When it comes to dietary supplements, the choice is endless, but you do need to keep an eye on the label to ensure it doesn’t contain ingredients that could harm you.

A safe way to get B-complex vitamins is to make sure they are delivered in the form the body with MTHFR mutation can truly use.

Homocysteine Supreme dietary supplement by Designs for Health contains synergistic nutrients known for the potential to facilitate the efficient metabolism of homocysteine.

It supplies the body with riboflavin, vitamin B6, folate, vitamin B12 in their methylated forms, and other useful ingredients for health support, stronger heart, and higher energy levels.

Capsules are vegan-friendly, which is important because many of them aren’t. 

I also need to emphasize that, as well. Many dietary supplements aren’t actually suitable for vegans and vegetarians, so you need to specifically look for those labeled vegan-friendly.

What supplements for MTHFR Diet

So What Supplements Do You Take For MTHFR Going Forward? 

With Care You Can Choose & Try Supplements That Are The Best Fit For You & Your MTHFR Diet!

Supplements prove to be a viable solution for people with MTHFR to avoid nutritional deficiencies and counteract problems caused by a lack of methylation.

In this post, I discussed an important subject – what supplements do you take for MTHFR but also want to know your experiences, so feel free to share them.

What Supplements for MTHFR